Diamond Class

Castle - we have enjoyed a lovely day out to the local castle in Sherborne. We explored inside the new castle before walking over to look at the remains of the old castle.
Tesco trip (meat, cheese and fish counters) - we were allowed to look at and try different meats and cheeses, as well as learn about the fish Tesco's sell in their store.
Tesco trip (bakery) - we got to go into the bakery to see how bread and doughnuts are made. We all looked the part with our bakers hats on and we were even allowed to make our own doughnuts!
Tesco trip (arrival and fruit tasting) - after learning about different types of fruit and veg, as well as where they come from, we were allowed to try a variety of fruits. We all enjoyed the raspberries and grapes. We also had to try ginger which left our mouths feeling hot, which you can tell from our faces we didn't particularly enjoy.
PORRIDGE! - we made porridge for our WOW starter to our Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. We read and followed a recipe, and once the porridge was made we had to choose a healthy topping. However, for some of us the marshmallows were just too tempting! We all had a go at trying our porridge with most of us really enjoying it. Some of us even enjoyed it so much that we had to lick the bowl afterwards!
Messy Play - we got to adding different foods to porridge to change the texture. Although we wore aprons we still somehow managed to get it all over ourselves, including in our hair!
Fairy tale crime scene - we walked into the classroom to find a fairy tale crime scene. Can you guess which fairy tale it is?
Counting outdoors - Reception have moved their maths outside today, collecting objects and teaming up with a partner to add two groups together! It was very cold!
Budding photographers - Reception children have been getting to grips with using technology, taking the opportunity to photograph the beautiful icy mornings we have had recently.
We have finished the igloo!!!! - we are very excited that our milk bottle igloo is finally up athough we have had to give it some extra support. We tried to count the bottles but lost count. So all we can say is that there are definitely A LOT of them! 
Building our class igloo - we have enjoyed using the glue gun (under careful supervision) to build our igloo. Thank you to all of the parents/carers who have brought in milk bottles to help us with this project.
A whole new world - we are enjoying creating fantasy lands such as castles out of natural objects during Let's Learn. 
Buddy reading - we enjoyed listening to stories read by the lovely Sapphires class!
Ice explorers! - we are enjoying our icy classroom!
Christmas cards - in maths we have been making Christmas trees to go on the front of our cards, making sure that the green strips go from longest to shortest. 
Santa's Little Helpers - We think we you make great elves!
Mince pies - we have been getting festive and making mince pies!
Presents!!! - We are making presents for our mums and dads but what are they going to be???
Christmas Cooking - we made rice krispie snowmen as an introduction to our Christmas topic. They were harder than expected to make but we were pleased with the final product and they tasted VERY yummy!
Getting into the festive spirit - look at what our classroom elf got up to over the weekend! We are really enjoying the small world play and Santa's Grotto! Diamond class have been lucky enough to have been selected by Father Christmas to receive a special Christmas elf this year!
Phonics - take a look at our new phonics tables!
Animal groups - in science we have been learning to group animals based on their features. Miss Newman has introduced us to some big words such as mammal, invertebrate, reptile and amphibian!  
Sparkle time - we enjoyed weaving using natural materials.
Village walk - we really enjoyed exploring our local area and were lucky to have a beautiful day for it!
Ourselves display - this is our new science/art display! We have been drawing and labelling pictures of ourselves and will then compare our drawings to those we do at the end of the academic year. 
Walk to Holwell - we were able to enjoy our beautiful school surroundings when we walked to Holwell Church. It was a lovely morning during which we could appreciate the simpler things in life such as collecting conkers and climbing over stiles. Miss Newman was trying to convince us we were going on a bear hunt, but we are pretty sure there are no bears around our school...although we did keep our wits about us just in case! 
Phonics craft - during our literacy lessons we have been making craft linked to our sound of the day. So far we have learnt and made t, p, i, n, m and d.
Fairy Land pots - during time to sparkle the children made fairy land pots using natural resources. We think they look great!
Pebble numbers - we have been forming numbers using pebbles.
Messy church - look at all the wonderful things we got up to during Messy Church! The activities focused around the bible story 'the calming of the sea' and included: decorating sea themed biscuits and pebbles, making origami boats, playing seaside games, colouring fish to go into the school fishing net and making prayer pebbles. 
African necklaces - as our topic book 'The Enormous Crocodile' was based in Africa we have been looking at and re-creating our own African necklaces.
Button numbers - we have been practising number formation using buttons.
Place value - we have been making teen numbers using 'Mr Big Ten', who helps us to remember our tens and units.
Brownsea Island - we had an excellent day at Brownsea Island! It was jam packed with lots of fun activities including making journey sticks, exploring woods, learning about life on the island and looking at wildlife!
Magic numbers - to help us with our number formation we have been going over chalk numbers with water to make them magically disappear!
Parts of the body - we have been learning about parts of the body. Luckily we had a willing volunteer to be our model!
Maths - we have been learning to match objects to numbers.
Transient art - we have been making beautiful pieces of art using different objects. We will let you try and work out what the pieces of art are of...
Our first week at school - take a look at all the things we have been up to during our first week of school! 
Learning about ourselves - in science Year 1 have been learning all about what makes them unique. They learnt about and made a class pictogram based on hair colour.
First day of school parents gifts - to help parents survive their child's first day of school we have put together these packs.
'A little gift to help you survive your child's first day of school. After you have gone home and perhaps dried your tears, make yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy it with a chocolate bar. Put your feet up and relax. Then hold the cotton ball in your hand. The softness will help you recall the gentle spirit of your child. Thank you for entrusting your child to me for the coming year. Remember that together you and I will work for your child to be the best they can be.'
New classroom - just look at the new classroom our children have to enjoy! They can let their imagination run wild whether they are enjoying the construction area, role play, transient art or the arts and crafts area.