Action Plan 2019-2020

Learning & Support

Recycle the Tough Stuff

This year it is the aim of the eco-committee to improve recycling at school and home.


Recycling is very important to keep the environment healthy. We cannot keep throwing things away. It damages the environment and eventually the planet will run out of the raw materials needed to make the things we keep throwing away.


Councils – like Dorset – do now recycle. However, did you know that some materials are much harder to recycle than others are, and therefore, some councils - like Dorset - are unable to recycle them?


To help the environment All Saints are launching a campaign called: Recycle the Tough Stuff.


We are starting by recycling used stationary (writing pens, whiteboard pens, glue sticks and purple pens). In your class room there is now a collection tray for all stationary that is used and needs recycling.


When we have enough stationary, we will then take it to a specialist recycling facilities.


Stationary is not only used in schools; it is also used at home and in offices.  All Saints is a collection point for the whole community. So, tell your parents and guardians, and let us start to Recycle the Tough Stuff.