Learning & Support

Please see attached our power point from our Collective Worship on anti-bullying.  
Some comments from our school community:
- Ethos Governor: "Thank you so much for such an inspirational worship.  It has stayed with me and I even shared the message with my granddaughter and daughter.  Such a clear but important message."
- Class Teacher: "Children now have a clear understanding of the difference between bullying and somebody being unkind."
- Year 3 child: "I enjoyed the worship because Aaron and Faris explained the difference between bullying and being mean by acting out.  It is important to understand what bullying is because it isn't nice and we don't want any bullies at All Saints."
- Year 5 child: "As a result of this worship, I will tell a teacher straight away as well as check my friend is ok if I see bullying.  I now know the difference between being unkind and bullying."
- Year 6 child: "I am confident we don't have bullies in our school at the moment.  We do have some children who make the wrong choice but this is dealt with." 
On Thursday 17th October 2019 our chair of school council led a worship about how to improve behaviour across our school.  He explained our new 'reflect and think' sheets as well as recapped on our 5 point scale.