Art in Rubies

Learning & Support

This term ( Spring Term 1) we have been learning about Andy Warhol.  Andy Warhol is famous for his 'Pop Art' which was an art movement that was very popular in the 1960's in America and Britain.  It often used bright colours such as red, blue and yellow along with images of celebrities or fictional characters from TV or comics.
We began this term by using the 'blotting' technique.  This required tracing paper, ink and watercolours and lots of patience!
This term we have learnt about the famous artist William Morris.  He was a British artist born in London in 1834.  He is famous for his patterns and designs inspired by nature.  His designs were printed and repeated many times and used to make wallpapers and fabrics.  We used cardboard to create our own collagraph printing blocks and used them to print.