Art Showcase

Learning & Support

Linked to our phonics learning, children explored different fruits linked to their sound of the day.  They enjoyed using different resources like water colours, paint, sketching pencils and colouring crayons.  
This half term, we are showcasing our art work in COOL time.  Our theme is Autumn Art.  We can't wait to showcase our outcomes in our school's art gallery in the Spring term.  
We used collage to create our own fire engines.  We shared these in our celebration assembly.  
This half term we are being inspired by our topic FLAMES in our art learning. This week we learnt how to create flames using chalk.  We learnt about colours and mixing different colours by blending the chalk together.  We also learnt about silhouettes and creating the buildings below using cut out black shapes.  We thought about the different shapes we needed to represent different buildings.  We were inspired by some art work created about The Great Fire of London.   
We learnt about Rita Greer who was not alive during the Great Fire of London but who used her imagination to paint and record her ideas about what it would have been like.  She is a history painter.  We used twisting and 'layering up' of tissue to create the flames and a glue gun with sticks to create the bottom of the bonfire.  We then evaluated our art work...
Observational Art Work - today we learnt about 'really focusing' on fruit!  We were learning about colour, lines, how to sketch and observe carefully so our art work portrayed the fruit we could see!