Attendance and Absence

We believe that excellent attendance will lead to the best possible achievement for our pupils. Please read our supplementary document entitled ‘Attendance and Achievement’.


Our attendance policy sets clear guidelines on the two categories of absence, namely authorised and unauthorised. Authorised absence is approved by the Headteacher and includes time away from school with an appropriate reason for absence such as illness. Unauthorised absence occurs when a parent/carer gives an invalid reason or no reason at all for the child’s non-attendance. All non-authorised absences are recorded on your child’s report; therefore reasons for absences are vital.


There is no obligation for the Headteacher to approve holidays during term time and these will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. We especially ask parents to please avoid holidays when National Curriculum Tests are taking place. We will advise you of these dates well in advance.


If your child’s attendance drops to 92% or below you will be informed at Parent Consultation meetings and by letter. If poor attendance persists you will be contacted by a member of the Early Intervention team who may visit you at home.


We celebrate good attendance by awarding children certificates for attendance of 97+% and 100% every term. Children achieving 100% attendance over the year receive a special school badge.