Hallowed be thy name

Learning & Support

On Wednesday 8th January the Worship group led their second session in front of the whole school. This time they focused on line of the Lord's Prayer that reads 'Hallowed be thy name'. They explained how this means that, for Christians, God's name should be honored and respected. We discussed how we honor and respect children in school. Suggestions from the school were that:
Teachers help us
Teacher listen to us
We are allowed to let our lights shine
We get certificates in Celebration Worship
They also explored how people might feel if they were disrespected. We modeled this by presenting one child with a certificate and then taking the certificate back and ripping it up.
We have added the ripped up certificate to our display to remind us that our words and actions can have an impact on people and we need to ensure that it is a positive impact. We want to respect and honor people, even if we don't agree with them.