History of Toys

Learning & Support

Today in History we explored Moving Pictures.
If we wanted to see some moving pictures today, we could simply turn on the television or visit a cinema and see a film or animation.    But in the past, there were no computers, no cinemas and no televisions.   So what did people over 150 years ago do to entertain themselves?  How did they watch 'moving pictures?'
To find out, Mrs Legg (who is NOT over 150 years old!) brought in her giant Zoetrope to show the KS1 pupils.   Inside the drum are a series of pictures, each one slightly different from the last.   When you spin the drum and look through the slits in the side, your brain is 'tricked' into thinking that the images are moving.    Ask your child what they saw moving when they looked inside the zoetrope today!
After that, we had a go at making our own flicker books, which was another form of moving picture entertainment from the past.
This week we explored a selection of old and new toys belonging to Mrs Legg.  We compared similar toys and talked about how we knew some were older than others.