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This term we are Learning about Seasonal Food.
We spent some time this week looking at Seasonal Vegetable.  In September courgettes, runner beans, broccoli, tomatoes and sweetcorn are all in season.  We made stuffed peppers using some of these vegetables.
This week we discussed seasonal meat.  We thought about the meat products that are eaten and what animal they are produced from.  We learnt that even meat is seasonal. We enjoyed making pork meat balls.  We needed to use our grating and peeling skills and had to beat eggs.  Most of us were happy to mix the mixture and roll the meatballs using our hands.  It was very gooey!
This week we learnt about some of the organisations that work with food producers to improve the standard of farming and fishing as well as the welfare of animals.  These are some of the logos we are going to be looking out for.