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What Makes Mould Grow?

Mould is the name for the types of fungi that grow on food. It is useful to know what makes mould grow so that we can stop it happening as fast, and keep our food fresher for longer.


In Sapphires we investigated the conditions which cause mould to grow.


We used 2 slices of bread and 2 clear plastic bags. We placed each slice of bread in a plastic bag, then change the conditions that each slice of bread is exposed to over a week.


For example, we put some slices of bread in the light and some in the dark. We put some in the fridge and some over a radiator. We dampened others, while leaving the other dry. We made some dirty but kept some clean. We even put hand sanitizer on some and not on others.


We found that mould preferred the following conditions: light, damp, warm, without sanitizer, in an open bag and finally without having been coughed on!