Science - Materials

Learning & Support

We have been exploring what materials different items in our classroom are made from...
This afternoon we joined the Year 1 children to explore magnets!

We tested different objects to see which were magnetic and which were not.

We faced a tricky challenge of moving paperclips from one pot to another without tipping or touching them.

We made tiny paper puppets with metal washers on the back that moved like magic when we put them on a tray with a magnet on the other side!
There was lots of fantastic questioning and curiosity.
"Do you think we've got too many paper clips?"
"I think it's too heavy."
"That is metal but why isn't it magnetic?"
Investigation....  Does it float or does it sink?
Today we used our 'Working Scientifically' skills to perform a simple test (does it sink or float?) and to order and classify a set of objects.
We made some very interesting observations about some of the materials and items we tested.
"The spoon and the foil are both metal, but one sinks and one floats!"
"The ring pull starts off floating, but if you touch it then it sinks!"
"Even though the ring pull is really light, it still sinks to the bottom!"