Topaz Art

Learning & Support

Summer First Half Term
We have been learning about visual perspective.
We started by learning about visual perspective and progressed onto learning about African colours and colour mixing.  We have also used printed animals and acacia trees whilst developing our sketching and cutting skills. 
We are thrilled with our final display of art work - can you spot the animals in the distance?  Can you see how we have used colour mixing and thought about visual perspective? 
Easter cards 
We did some weaving with paper to make baskets for our cards. We coloured and decorated eggs to go in our baskets and wrote poems linked to our English. 
Pointillism: On the computer
We combined art with computing. Looking at pointillism by using the mouse to click and create dots on our screen.
Mondrian and Picasso
We combined more of our computer skills to create more art using the computers this time in the style of Mondrian and Picasso.
Autumn Term
We have been learning about self-portraits
African Shakers
Spin Drum
African Masks