Learning & Support

Pizza making!
Today we have had a great time making pizza's. We had already planned what our pizza's would look like and what we wanted to have on top. We worked in groups to make the pizza dough, roll out our dough and put our toppings on. This required great team work, listening skills and communication. 
Watch out, we have some awesome chefs in Topaz class!
Algorithm 22.4.2021
We had a look at what an algorithm is and had a go at making up our own one outside using squares which we drew onto the playground and getting our partners to go from one drawn shape to another. An algorithm is a sequence of instructions or a set of rules that are followed to complete a task. We made up a set of instructions for our partners to complete the course. 
Bee Bots 29.04.2021
Today we had a go at planning out an algorithm and then programming our bee bots to travel to different places on the map. We worked in groups. If we had a problem and something didn't work, we debugged it.
We are learning to play the African drum. Djembe. 
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