A fantastic day out for Year 4 at Leeson

13th June 2014

Year 4's went today to Leeson House for a fantastic day out to learn about the coast.

Children started by learning about erosion through making their own sand erosion models.  They then went looking for different items along the beach before having a picnic lunch (full of sand!).  Afterwards they learnt about sand dunes and how they were formed, as well as the importance of protecting them.  Finally they learnt about map reading through orienteering.  Please see the gallery for the wonderful photos of this day out...

We would like to say a special thank you to two of our wonderful Mums who came to help us, as well as Buckland Newton who came with us.  Most importantly though, a big thank you to Leeson House ... which in the words of one of our children... 'this has been totally my best day at All Saints!'  Another fantastic day out ... where we've learnt through doing :-)