All Saints Remembrance Afternoon

7th November 2014
Thank you to our whole community who came to support us with our Remembrance Exhibition.  Over 50 adults (including parents, grandparents, friends, Governors and Reverend Ridding) walked through our doors to share the fabulous learning by all the children but to also remember those soldiers who had fought for their country.
Exhibition items were wide ranging and included poems, memories, diary extracts, trench projects, power points, projects about heroes, prayers, medals from WW1, images from WW1, art learning and lots more.
Also, there was a special performance by Rubies - representing the horrors of WW1 through dance.  The exhibition was brought to an end with lovely singing by Sapphires - the crowd couldn't help but to join in when the old war favourites were heard.
The WW1 cafe was amazing - many thanks to Rubies and families who made food items such as scones and Trench cake.
Overall a truly moving event which is best described through pictures and quotes by our visitors:
'Great to see so much thought and time has been dedicated to such an important part of our history.'
'Great - very emotional experience'
'What a wonderful afternoon, enjoyed every minute'
'VERY impressed'
'What a fabulous interpretation, and in so many different formats.  This is active learning!'
'Brilliant - lovely to see all your hard work, great atmosphere and lovely singing'
'Brilliant - well done to all who got involved.  You should all be very proud.'
'Thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all the hard work everyone had put into today over the weeks.'
'Well done to everyone!  Such hard work.  Fantastic!!!'
'Lovely display of work and class singing and dancing'
'An amazing amazing display!  Congratulations children!'
'Very enjoyable - some beautiful work and lovely dancing'
'Outstanding exhibition and presentation - well done!'
'A very thoughtful and sympathetic exhibition, showing understanding of the dreadful conditions that had to be endured.  Well done.  Wonderful models of trenches'