Bad Weather!

10th January 2017



We will, of course, endeavour to keep the school open if at all possible, but severe weather conditions could make it necessary to close the school if it were dangerous or unreasonably difficult:


  • for children or sufficient numbers of staff to reach school and provide an adequate educational service.
  • for children or staff to journey to, and return from, school safely and without undue delay.


To check whether the school is going to be closed, please visit the school website A warning message will be clearly displayed on the home page. In addition, Dorset County Council also has a website for schools to register with if they are closed due to severe weather.  A member of staff will update this as early as possible if we are to close. This should be done by 6.45am.


This website can be accessed two ways:

www.dorsetforyou/winter or, then click on Closed Schools and if we are closed All Saints Primary School will be listed.


Dorset County Council will also advise radio stations on the school’s behalf, so please listen to our local radio stations for information if you do not have access to the internet.


Local radio stations:

  • Heart FM (Dorset) on 102.3 MHz
  • Heart FM (Somerset) 102.6 MHZ
  • Midwest Radio / The Breeze in Yeovil 105.6 MHZ


We will also send a text via your mobile phones to inform you of school closure so it is really important that we have your up to date details on file. With that in mind, please review the attached Data Collection Sheet on your child(ren),  complete any missing details and return to the school office. Please note that we no longer using the ‘Parent Telephone Tree’ as this is now a redundant procedure.


If conditions permit, a member of staff will endeavour to get to the office but it would be appreciated if you did not ring the school directly, except in extreme circumstances, to avoid ‘blocking’ our line.