Book Week

12th February 2014

All Saints this week are going book crazy with lots of fun, engaging and inspiring activities to enthuse children in their reading and writing.


It all kicked off with an amazing assembly by Mrs Crumpler.  This introduced the children to the importance of reading. 

Each day children are reading with their very own buddy.  Please see gallery for some glimpses of teh children reading. 

Also, we have a story which is being written by different children each day - at the end of book week, we will have a whole school story... read it first on here as soon as we have completed it!! 

A photo competition has also been set up for this week - where is the strangest place you can read?  The photo competition is all about taking a photo of somehwere imaginative to read... again look at our gallery to see some of the photos entered so far!

Finally we have had a daily book quiz in each class... children are given prompts for them to guess the book.  Winners will be announced on Friday.  Can you guess some of the texts?!  We have had a snake, a video of hedgehogs crossing the road and a vest... to name but a few!


Wednesday saw us being quizzed by Mrs Powell... she put some real tricky questions in there that got us all thinking about books!  Diamonds completed a book quiz too, but Miss Hosegood was the quiz master for them!  Results to be shared in Friday's assembly.

Friday will be our big finale, with book character dress up day and a celebration assesmbly to share our reading learning. 


Watch out for more photos coming on the website daily... as well as our 'books at bedtime' evening, which is first week back after half term.