Fantastic Ofsted Report

19th December 2014

“Pupils demonstrate a thirst for knowledge and engage in their learning very thoughtfully and deeply. Their highly positive approach to learning has contributed to the good progress that they make.”                 

Ofsted November 2014                                                                                                   

As you will be aware, Ofsted recently visited the school and the Inspection Report has now been received. I am pleased to be able to attach a copy of the report with this letter; it can also be accessed via our website and the Ofsted website from Thursday 18th December. Please take the time to read the report in full. We had a very positive two days showcasing all the progress made since the last inspection. We are very pleased with the outcomes of our inspection and are very proud of all that the school has achieved. We hope you are too.

The inspection was extremely thorough and prior to the inspection the attainment and progress of the children had been scrutinised along with the school’s own self-evaluation and the school development plan. Evidence was collected in many ways including interviewing staff, parents and governors, talking to children, observing teaching and learning, looking at the children’s learning, scrutinising documentation including the school’s tracking and assessment procedures, to name just a few!

The behaviour and safety of pupils at All Saints has been judged to be outstanding and achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, leadership and management and the early years provision at the school has been judged to be good.  As a result the ‘overall effectiveness’ of the school is judged to be good.

We are especially pleased that recently two independent bodies (SIAMS and Ofsted) have graded Behaviour and Safety at the school to be outstanding.

“Pupils are very courteous, respectful and highly co-operative. They behave very well across the school at all times.”

“Leaders ensure that pupils develop a very strong sense of right and wrong. Pupils demonstrate an extremely considerate attitude to others and behave very well towards one another.”

When reaching a judgement on behaviour, children are observed and the school’s systems for managing behaviour are scrutinised. A very important part of the judgement is based on ‘learning behaviour’ the development of which has been a high priority at the school. We are proud of the quote at the top of this letter, which is the culmination of excellent work by the whole staff who consistently encourage our children to engage actively with the learning process.

Furthermore, we are delighted to read that

“The school’s evaluation of its strengths and areas for development is robust, accurate and thorough.”

The two areas given to improve our school to outstanding status were already clearly identified in our plans for development. A new outdoor learning space for the Early Years will be built in January following a successful bid for funding made by the school.

We were very pleased that the report gives us no areas to improve around progress and attainment or the quality of teaching. This is extremely rare and reflects high confidence in current teaching and learning witnessed in children’s recorded learning and from observations of teaching. The inspector commented to me in one lesson observation that the quality of teaching was so high he could not advise how it could be improved.

“…leaders have ensured all current teaching is of high quality”

“Teachers have high expectations of pupils. Pupils of different abilities, including the most able are given well pitched work that challenges them appropriately. This ensures that pupils learn well in the school’s mixed year classes.”

The report also recognises the school’s commitment to securing the appointment of the best staff to our school during a period of change.

“The headteacher and governors have appointed new teachers and leaders carefully and with proper consideration of their qualities and previous expertise and training.”

“The headteacher, other leaders and governors have successfully ensured that all staff, including those new to the school, share the same high expectations of pupils. Pupils’ progress has improved as a result.”

Naturally, the school aspires to the highest grading possible and our grading of good at this time reflects the reality of a more demanding inspection framework.  The current Ofsted inspection framework (introduced September 2014) is more challenging and rigorous than ever before.  To be graded outstanding, a school is now required to demonstrate strong progress and achievement over a long period of time, as well as a positive current picture. Our current provision is clearly very impressive; we need to now sustain our excellent provision over time.

The report is a triumph for the whole school community. I would like to thank the Governors of the school who voluntarily give the school their time, wisdom and expertise and who

share the Headteacher’s high aspirations for the school.”

Much of the work of the last three years would not have been possible without their support.

I am delighted that all members of the staff team have been recognised for their consistent high expectations of achievement for our children. The relatively new teaching team ensures

“consistently strong teaching is now in place across the school.”

I would like to thank Mrs Regan for her huge support in leading the school since she joined and we are so lucky to have such a brilliant staff team at All Saints.

Thank you to those parents who supported the school during the inspection and continue to do so. We continue to attempt to build strong parent partnerships as I believe a shared responsibility in children’s learning journeys will have the most powerful impact on their achievements.  Please remember that we are always available should you need to discuss or ask anything of us. Together we can continue to ensure that the education of the children at All Saints Primary School challenges every child to be the very best they can be.

Needless to say I am very proud of your children who continue to amaze and inspire me. The recently published performance tables put All Saints 1st in Dorset for children making progress in Reading, 9th for Reading, Writing and Maths together.

“Pupils results in reading at the end of KS2 are particularly impressive”

It is a real pleasure to be the headteacher at All Saints and I look forward to a continued and exciting journey here.