Forest School

15th May 2018
Reception had a morning of Forest School and outdoor activities that were focused on shapes. They used sticks to make different shapes, which encouraged them to use language associated with the properties. Some even took on the challenge of using string to tie their sticks together. 
We also worked as a team to make some large 2D shape frames that the children have since started weaving natural materials through.
To finish off we explored how our bodies can be used to make shapes, focusing specifically on curved and straight edges.
This afternoon both Year 1 and Reception from Diamonds went off to Forest School for what was clearly an exhausting afternoon! Every child was taught how to safely use tools to whittle wood with, and they were able to whittle part of a stick which soon became a face of a person. They made stick people in the form of the royals Meghan and Harry! Some children even searched for places that resembled castles in the forest area.
So much child initiated learning took place here, from making worm houses to going on minibeast hunts, natural weaving and exploring safety when climbing mounds and trees.