Hampton Court Palace Trip

22nd May 2014

Year 4,5,6 had a fantastic day on Monday 19th May at Hampton Court Palace, London.  Throughout the day, children took in the wonderful surroundings, saw in ‘real life’ what life in the palace would have been liked, completed a kitchen mission using I Pads as well as met Henry VIII himself!  Please enjoy seeing a glimpse of our day in the photo gallery.


Some quotes from the day:

Dylan: My favourite part of the day was when we did the kitchen mission on the I Pads.

Eleanor: I really like the Great Vine.

Madeleine: I though Henry VIII had a deep gruff voice!

Daisy: I learnt what happened to all of Henry VIIIs wives.

Imogen: I really liked the Great Hall and found learning about the silver in the tapestries really interesting.