Netball Tournament

26th March 2019

The team included: Charlotte, Leanne, Sophia, Alix, Jazmyn and Riley.

On 26th March 2019 All Saints travelled to Leweston School to take part in the Sherborne area netball tournament. We were excited but a little bit nervous as we travelled to Sherborne. When we arrived we walked down to the netball courts and saw all of the teams that were involved. Our first match was against Sherborne Abbey, Charlotte was captain and we won 3-1. It was good start but we knew there was room for improvement. Going into the next match we wanted to make sure we were passing accurately and moving quickly to receive the ball. Leanne was captain for this game and we won 3-2. Our passes improved and we were starting to work more as a team. The next game we played was against Thornford and Sophia was captain. It was a very close game with some good passes but we managed to win it 3-2. Our next game was against Sherborne Primary and Alix was captain, this was our closest match and we worked hard as a team. We were tired and made a few little mistakes costing us the game right in the last few seconds. Sherborne Primary won 1-0, we did really well against this school as they were beating teams by 5 or 7 goals! The final game we decided we were going to give it our all and make this the best game so far. We were going to make sure that our passes were great and our team work was even better. Jazmyn was captain for this game who also scored lots of the goals and we won 6-0! Overall the tournament was really close and we came 3rd out of all the schools. Thank you to our parent supporters for cheering us on at the side line. The player of the tournament was Jazmyn for her fantastic shooting and great play but well done to everyone who played, it was a great effort from all!