Our Twilight Evening

10th October 2017
Our annual School Development evening took place on 10th October when all staff members worked alongside governors and parents and children to learn how current research is influencing our provision for learning and the part we can all play in this. In addition, we reflected on the vision and values at All Saints and the importance of Spirituality. Our aim as always is how we can create a continuing culture of excellence in our school. Priorities for this year from our School Development Plan were shared. We are delighted to share feedback received from the evening:

Things All Saints does well:

  • Interventions, supporting children at the right times to ensure success
  • Teaching, lovely caring teachers and support staff who make learning fun
  • Lots of equipment for learning
  • Nurturing our children in all aspects of their lives, taking care of the individual
  • Integrating all ages of pupils and promoting kindness to others
  • Making us all feel welcome and special
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Learning environment, wonderful displays
  • Lots of sporting events and great PE sessions
  • Developing an education broader than the textbook academic definition such as after school clubs, music, in school clubs, theatre, drama, arts.
  • Communication with parents, up to date website
  • School Clubs – this was mentioned many times
  • Fun Breakfast Club
  • Celebrating each child’s achievements, making each child feel valued and important
  • Great support for staff, helping them to grow on their journey in the teaching profession
  • Great trips
  • Encouraging parents to become involved
  • Fantastic outdoor space and ways of using it
  • All pupils encouraged to do their best
  • Strong Christian ethos
  • Children encouraged in leadership

Wishes for improvement:

  • Nothing everything is perfect!!
  • Nothing all is fantastic – well done
  • Nothing that I can think of!
  • Governor to parent/carer communication
  • Parking at pick up times, drive through at start of day
  • More cooking
  • Longer breaks
  • DEAR – ‘drop everything and read’ sessions
  • More trips!
  • Another quiet area
  • A bigger garden
  • Science resources
  • Increased involvement of families
  • Keep teachers
  • More netballs to play with at break times
  • A staff netball team
  • Early reading book scheme, reading books for younger children
  • More clubs during school
  • Technology available
  • Less CE association, increase RE
  • Able to learn different instruments
  • Handwriting practice
  • A school choir
  • More sports equipment and singing/music equipment

All Saints Primary School Development evening left me thinking…                                                                            

(we asked all those attending what they would reflect on further following the meeting)

‘I found this evening incredibly inspirational, with a desire to make each day better than the last, to learn and try to improve everyday to give every child the absolute best.’


‘How lucky all our pupils are to have such a happy, dedicated inspiring team to support them on their learning journey.’


‘How lucky my son and daughter are to be in such a great school.’


‘That as a community we are very lucky to have professional educators that work so hard to create the very best learning environment for our children.’


‘How we could make the school an even better place to be.’


‘That All Saints is taking responsibility for nurturing our children in all aspects of their lives and not just academically. It is a happy safe environment in which to learn and grow.’


‘What a special evening this has been. How proud I am to be a part of the whole school ethos, vision and values. Thank you.’


‘How many things we achieve in a short amount of time.’


‘Our son will have a brilliant start to his academic life.’


‘Relax a bit because we are all doing a fantastic job!!’


‘About Spirituality.’


‘How we can develop children’s learning and attitudes to their learning. How far we have gone on our journey from when I first arrived and how far we can go. There is still so much more we can do and we have the values and drive to do it.’


‘I should be more aware of spirituality and what it means to both myself and others.’


‘The curriculum that we have to do and about our school.’


‘About spirituality, what a special school All Saints is, hoe I can support the school to achieve its goals.'


‘How to support staff and Governors and get more parents involved in such a wonderful school.’


‘About finding time to take time.’


‘All aspects of spirituality and the learning experience for pupils, staff and Governors.’


‘School is a good place and has lots of spirituality in it and I love school.’


‘A greater understanding of spirituality in All Saints School. An amazing turnout of students, so well behaved and part of the evening.’


‘I learnt what spirituality is.’


‘The difference between learning and performance zones.’


‘All that matters is confidence in learning for success.’


‘How wonderful learning can be.’


‘Of the importance of ensuring we develop the spirituality of the children to ensure they are resilient and able to get the most out of what life offers.’


‘What exciting opportunities ahead and how lovely it is to be involved. What a wonderful school and how lucky we are!’


‘What spirituality means and about education.’


‘How I need to better articulate spirituality! Organise a Parent/Governor evening, how to implement learning and performance times for Headteacher and staff.’


‘What’s for dinner…and all the metaphysical associations that go with having food in the cupboard at home.’