Oxford Bakery Party Prep!

16th May 2018
In preparation for the Royal Wedding Tea Party, 8 All Saints Children were invited by Steve Oxford to his bakery - Oxfords Bakery in Alweston to create 100 scones for the event.
When tchildren arrived at the bakery they were all so excited and had a play in the field before Steve invited them into the heart of bakery. He told them the history of the company and the do's and don'ts whilst being there and they all listened and behaved beautifully and represented All Saints School very well.
All the children helped with the process of measuring and mixing the ingredients (following hand/food hygiene requirements at all times!). The fun part began when they had to roll the dough and use the cutters to make the scones.  There were some beautiful heart shaped ones made by Phoebe and Isabelle.
They all had a chance at putting the trays into oven and taking them out once they were baked and even told Steve that he missed two scones that he hadn't egg washed before they went in. Steve was fantastic and provided squash for them whilst Emma Osment (ASSA Chair) provided the snacks. Steve even had a quick game of football whilst we were waiting for the scones to bake.
Henry made sure that they had made 100 scones and counted 121 in total but think it was 110 by the time they took their goody bags home.
A fantastic experience for all involved and one that they will always remember. Our sincere thanks goes to Steve Oxford... our new All Saints' Hero!