School Production 2016

13th July 2016

All Saints Primary School Production


(We Want To Live Together)

Did you catch a performance? If not, you missed a real treat. Performed by the Upper Key Stage 2 children of Sapphire and Ruby classes of All Saints Primary School, they created a lively and atmospheric production set in Africa.  Giraffes, Zebras, Lions and Meerkats prowled on stage, danced, sang and acted this thought provoking musical which teaches the importance of accepting those that are different from us.

Two youngsters; Raffi, a giraffe played by Harry Loader- a witty, but rather argumentative adolescent and Zea, a young zebra played by Trinity Beasley-plenty of attitude but with coyness and charm, are separated from their respective herds when attacked by lions.  They are rescued by some wacky meerkats- ‘tsking’ their lines brilliantly and delivering sharp but thoughtful observations about ingrained attitudes. This fabulous mob of meerkats was played by Imogen Noyes, Anthony Eastwood and Zac Payne. Were they type cast? I don’t know, but they certainly had stage-presence and great timing. Finally, the youngsters return to the safety of their respective herds and their mothers; Giraffe Matriarch, Daisy White and Zebra Mama, Kamile Klasauskaite are both very relieved and realise that stripes aren’t really stupid and you CAN talk sense with an animal with spots!  The acts were linked by a story teller, a gyrating, staff-wielding, tousled haired (and hardly recognisable) Joe Bond.

The effort that went into producing this delightful musical was evident.  The costumes were bright and cheerful, (the meerkat’s sunglasses were an unexpected but very humorous touch.) The hair and make-up was amazing- so many giraffes and zebras to create as well as Dream Spirits followed by a whole pride of lions after the interval. Huge credit must be given to the staff who transformed the entire cast.

It is impossible to select any individual to praise higher than another. Collectively the children sang with rhythm and gusto, the solo and duets were clear and confident. The dancing was done with enthusiasm and energy, it was a joy to watch, congratulations to Bethany Scott for her choreography. The children knew their lines and delivered them well. They acted their parts. The supporting roles of Raffi’s friends played by Oscar Langford and Jazz Smith and Zea’s friends, Richard Kuepper and Thomas Sheerman showed that they were their mates and although they may have given Raffi and Zea a hard time (as most youngsters are prone to do) ultimately they backed them.  Listening to the chorus of ‘Well Done!”, ‘You sang brilliantly’, ‘That was great’, and ‘I really enjoyed that’, coming from behind the curtain after the cast had filed out, it was evident that the children themselves had learned a lesson from this production. It was an inspired choice and well adapted by Lisa Regan.

It was lovely to see how much these children have developed as people, confident and caring of each other.  A real testament to the school, the parents and most importantly the efforts of the children themselves. I loved it!

Utendaji kipaji. Unapaswa zote kuwa na kiburi sana wenyewe

A brilliant performance. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Jo Powell