Sherborne Schools Tag Rugby Tournament

16th October 2014

Tag Rugby Tournament – Sherborne RFC

On the 17th of October, some of the children from All Saints Primary School took part in a tag rugby tournament at the terraces rugby and football club.

We played 3 matches altogether:

  •          1st match 4-2 to us, against Yetminster
  •          2nd match 4-2 to Bradford Abbas
  •          3rd match it was 3-4 to us, against Buckland Newton

The frustration came, when after our final victory, we found out that we weren’t going through to the semi-finals even though we had won two of our games. L  This was as a result of drawing alongside Bradford Abbas and Buckland Newton.  First it came down to score difference, so Buckland Newton went through.  Then it went down to the amount of tries scored, and Bradford Abbas beat us by a frustrating one!!!!!

Overall though, we remembered that we had won two of our games and achieved the following:

Finlay: awesome skills in driving through the opposition alongside great team spirit

Archie/me(!!!): scored 3 tries and lots of tags.  Great captainship and supporting the whole team - preparing them for each game as well as keeping heads up when it wasn’t going our way.  Excellent driver in creating space and moving forward.

Max: Great dodging and scored 2 tries.  Max was phenomenal in defence, often hanging back to pull that final tag to stop a try.  What would we have done without him?!

Oscar: large passes and used his full body in the game.  Never tired and listened to instructions.

Harry: amazing tries but also fitness!  Harry was tagging all over the place… including the floor!

Jack: good driver, just like Finlay.  Good listener too.

Trinity: great defence and represented the girls on our team well.

Ella: good passes and new to the game… well done.

Olivia: good speed and great catching – Olivia’s hands were always a safe bet!

Dominic: great bravery through hurting his finger and continued throughout the games.  Can’t wait to see what you achieve when you are in year 6!

Ben: great enthusiasm as one of our younger players – well done!

Alex: he did not stop cheering people on and supporting others… even if his footwear wasn’t quite right at the beginning!

So as you can see we have a great team. Look out other schools… WE ARE COMING!!!

By Archie.