Welcome to Lego Quest!

10th September 2018
Week 1 challenges involved a combination of teamwork and individual work.
QUEST 1: TEAMWORK - YOU NEED TO CONSTRUCT A TOOL - this can be anything that already exists in the tool world or your own invention!
QUEST 2: INDIVIDUAL - CONSTRUCT A CREATURE - This creature can be something that already exists, or it can be something that you have just discovered. It can live on Earth, or a different planet.
We added a competitive element in 2 ways:
1. A time limit was given for each quest
2. The models created were put up for appreciation at the end of the session. We then discussed what made certain models the strongest models and why we felt they deserved this week's status of "LEGO QUEST CHAMPION!".
Comments about Lego Quest this week were:
"This is actually harder than I thought, it's challenging!"
"Where shall we put this on the model, let's beat the other teams!"
See our excellent efforts and the winning models in the photo below.