What have we been learning about?

In Pe we have been developing our skills in throwing, catching, rolling and kicking. We have carried out a number of different activities to help us develop these. We have learnt about attacking and defending in football and have had a go at playing a game which was great fun! 
In art we have been learning all about sculptures. We looked at many different artists who have created sculptures out of different materials. After being inspired  we decided to created a star sculpture out of people. 
We have recently been learning about Andy Goldsworthy who is an artist from Scotland who creates sculptures out of natural materials. We went outside to find different materials that Andy may have used. Then we took  a closer look at them using the magnifying glasses and came up with describing words for them. Next week we are going to have the opportunity to created a sculpture out of natural materials just like Andy Goldsworthy. 
In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10. We have been using practical ways to support us with our learning.