WW2 Learning

Children have started learning about when the war started, how it started and why it started.  Today they experienced what life was like, hearing the air raid siren and making their WW2 memory boxes.  
Today children enjoyed planting poppies - hopefully they will pop up next year and remind us of our WW2 learning but most importantly all those who have fought in wars 'Lest We Forget'
This week children learnt about the Allies - do you know who they are?  They then used coloured playdough to look at Germany's invasion of countries.  
Children enjoyed learning about clocks today, especially seeing Sophie's clocks that she brought in... why not ask your child what they learnt from Mr Smyth?
What an amazing day we had at Yeovil Air Fleet Museum - children had the experience of taking part in an Air Raid Drill, looking at different modes of transport and learning about the Battle of Britain through research and trying on outfits!