Piratey Poetry!

What fabulous Piraty Poetry the children have produced as part of their Home Learning! 
They were asked to write an acrostic poem that included alliteration as well.
Pirate Peg Leg
Peg Leg is a peculiar pirate,
Incredible Peg Leg sailed the island,
Rich Peg Leg was a ruthless pirate,
Angry Peg Leg abandoned ship,
Tired Peg Leg lost the treasure,
Endless looking ended Peg Leg’s life!
by Lewis
P is for Parrot
Parrots are incredible and say things you say,
I is for island with lots of gold and a marvellous crown,
R is for rolling waves splashing on the boat,
Angry pirates shout loudly and say ‘Arrrgh!’
Trusty map and it leads to the treasure,
Endless travelling to get to the treasure.
by Isabelle
Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete sailed the sea,
Islands where the treasure is buried,
Ruthless pirates hide their treasure,
Anchors dropped in the sea,
Treasure is buried deep,
Even ruthless pirates go home for tea.
by Phoebe