School Meals

All Saints Lunchtime

We believe that lunch time should be an enjoyable experience for children, a time for them to socialise with their friends and enjoy each other's company. This is also a time when staff help to develop pupils' social skills, such as appropriate table manners.

Our younger pupils enter the lunch hall first at 12.00pm, as they tend to take longer to eat their food. The Diamond Class staff stay with the children at the beginning of their lunch time to help them settle. The rest of the children join the hall soon after as we feel in very important that all the children eat together as this enables the older children to model great lunchtime behavior to our younger ones.

The lunch time staff work hard to encourage and motivate the children to eat as much as possible. We educate them in the importance of eating a balance meal - including all the vegetables! Special stickers are awarded for clean plates, good trying and great behaviour (it is amazing how a small, sticky bit of paper has such incredible powers!). 

As soon as the children have finished their food and cleared away their cutlery and plates they are allowed outside to play. Dedicated playtime staff will be waiting for them with exiting games and activities. In total, lunch time lasts for one hour - normally 30 minutes eating food and 30 minutes playing with friends outside.

Hot Meals at All Saints

Piskula Catering is the provider of hot school meals at All Saints Primary School. Being a very small school, we have a 'brought in service' where our food is freshly prepared and cooked each day in their kitchen based in Our Lady Of Mount Carmel school in Wincanton and delivered in hot boxes ready for service at 12 pm. Currently, all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One (Reception, Year 1 & 2) are eligible to a free school meal under the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme funded by central government. This means that your child will receive Free School Meals for the next three years.

Menu Choice

Piskula Catering offer an extensive range of delicious food suitable for primary school children. Meals need to be pre-ordered, and each day there are three meal options; generally a meat, vegetarian or a jacket potato. Bread is also available daily to accompany the meal. Please see the menu below which details what is on offer for this term.

There are also dessert options for the children to choose from on the day (these are not available to pre ordered). The choices are usually traditional cake dessert, a yoghurt or cheese and biscuits.

How to Order School Meals

Meals are ordered on line via  You will find full instructions on how to register and order meals below and on the School Gateway website or app.  Meal orders can be made online at any time up until the cut off time is seven days before the full week in which the meal is to be served.  (The cost of hot meals for children in Yrs 3,4 & 5 are £2.75 each which is paid when the booking is made.) 

Pack Lunches

Please do not worry if your child does not like any or all of the hot school meals on offer as they can bring a packed lunch to school. We ask that parents provide a sensible and balanced content to their child’s lunch. No sweets should be included or large chocolate bars. Lunches should be packed in a secure container, clearly named.

Important Information: All Saints is a NUT FREE School so please refrain from including any nuts in your child's packed lunch or afterschool club snack. Many thanks for your support.

Children can bring a drinks bottle filled with water, squash or juice (no fizzy drinks please). If the children are extra thirsty, water is readily available in the dining hall and in the every classroom.

Morning Snack

Children in Reception, Yrs 1 & 2 are provided with a free piece of fruit each day at morning break and older children are also encouraged to bring a snack of fruit or vegetables to eat at this time. This healthy snack really helps in staving off the hunger and keeps the children active and focused until lunch time.


Please see below the Autumn / Spring 2022/23 menu for hot school meals. This menu runs from Monday 31st October 2022 through to Friday 31st March 2 023. Meals need to ordered two week in advance. Allergen information can be found on the Dorset Meal Selector Website.