School Council Minutes

Learning & Support

Please see full minutes which are displayed on our School Council Display board within the school hall weekly.  Below is an overview of the discussions:

Date of meeting: 16/9/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • We now have 12 members of school council who meet at least fortnightly.
  • New reflect and think sheets created which enables ks1 to reflect on their behaviour independently.

Future actions:

  • Additional meeting (18/9/19) to plan collective worship all about anti-bullying

Date of meeting: 2/10/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • Worship completed (19/9/19) so all children are now clear at All Saints the difference between 'being mean' and 'bullying'.

Future actions:

  • Aaron and Beatrice to go to Food Bank to deliver our harvest collection
  • Year 2 member responsible for 'reminding' Mr Roberts to check understanding of 'bullying' weekly - red card system now in place
  • Rules of lunch times - signs to be made to clarify (include pictures) where children can/cannot go
  • Volume and behaviour charts to be updated in classes 


Date of meeting: 11/10/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • Red card shared at Monday's worship - ensured whole school focus weekly as well as a check in of procedures
  • Child reported that they had raised concerns about behaviour to their behaviour champion in class and child was now happy as a result of the intervention and support given - WELL DONE!
Future Actions:
  • Food bank visit to still take place - now organised by Mr Roberts
  • Behaviour and voice charts reported in staff meeting.  Mr Roberts and Mrs Regan to update
  • Book a date for action aid, odd sock day and children in need day
  • Climbing frame to be discussed at next PTA meeting - could the school have some funds to include an appropriate climbing area for KS2 in our grounds?
  • Posters still required for play times

Date of meeting: 24/10/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • Lilly-Grace, Kiara, Charlie, Lily and Kye all introduced Mrs Peters for her Worship on Ethiopia.  This was to introduce one of our fundraising ideas linked to action aid.
  • Food bank visit taken place.  Mr Roberts to share photos and Aaron, Frasier and Beatrice to feedback next time.
  • Behaviour charts now in each classroom, including SMART behaviour chart.
  • Organised fundraising events for the year.  
Future Actions:
  • Mrs Regan to send out a letter to home regarding fundraising events this year.  Lily and Aaron to support with this.
  • Posters still required for play times

Date of meeting: 8/11/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • Welcomed posters about anti-bullying that children had made as a result of our Worship
  • Red card was reported as being shared on Monday.  Continued positive reports about behaviour in our school.  
Future Actions:
  • School council to remind their classes about fundraising events next week - odd sock day, Children in need.
  • Posters still required for play times - play leaders now aware of this :-) 
  • Mrs Regan to share our play time votes with Mrs Wookey and the Governors.  Mrs Regan to report back to School council how our PE Premium money will be sent.  

Date of meeting: 10/12/19

Achievements / Impact school council have made:

  • Red card continues to be 'at the ready' on a Monday morning worship!  Continued positive reports about behaviour in our school.  
  • Mrs Wookey is currently investigating quotes for a slide and a climbing area for our playground enhancements.  School council are pleased with the positive impact they will have contributed to developing active lifestyles at school.  
  • Celebrated fundraising £124.06 towards children in need.  Poster has been display so that our community can see it and will be placed on our school council board next week.  
Future Actions:
  • Mrs Wookey to be invited to report costings and developments of playground enhancements next school council meeting.
  • Mr Roberts to remind children/new staff what tous le temps means and why we have a teddy awarded to each class each week.
  • New plans now in place for wet lunch times, reflecting on our learning gem powers 'Ruby' - supporting others and 'Diamond' - being responsible.  School council to share this with their classes and Mrs Regan to inform all staff.
  • New plans in place for ensuring our learning environment is always clean and ready for learning!  We discussed this being a 'team effort' and will be introducing 'Ordenado' in Worship this week!  

Date of Meeting - 19.12.19

Fundraisers for the year agreed: ‘Every Little Helps’

October – Harvest walk – Sherborne Food Bank

November – Children in Need / Poppy appeal

Dec – Shoe Box Appeal / Save the children (Christmas Jumpers)

Jan/Feb - Sports Hero

March – 9-13th March Sport Relief

April – Easter bunny Fundraising Run – Julia’s House

May – Dress up as your future career day – Action Aid

June/July - Duathlon/Sports Day - British Heart Foundation



  •          Lunch hall – chair has broken.  We are aware it has been reported to school staff.
  •          AR discussed with LW regarding slide and climbing equipment for the whole school.  BK responsible.
  •          Council reported that Mr Roberts has shared Tous Le Temps with the whole school as well as Ordenado.  AR reported leading Worship to inform others of the new ‘tidy’ teddy J and how it is each of our responsibilities to work as a team and make a difference.
  •          Wet lunch times going well – positive feedback from children and staff received.



BK to invite Mrs Wookey to our next meeting regarding the spending of ‘active learning’ money to enhance our playtimes.


End of meeting reflection: Today we have nurtured hearts and inspiring minds by supporting charities and helping others, ensured our school is now working as a team to keep the school tidy and STOP bullying as well as ensured that children are ready for learning by changing lunch time routines. 



 Date of Meeting - 8.1.2020


  •          Mrs Wookey - after a lovely invitation by one school council member, Mrs Wookey reported back in response to the budget for the active play times.  School council welcomed her and we learnt:
1. Equipment was expensive due to health and safety implications.
2. Environment - there is a cost to 'the under-fitting' and sometimes the environment under the equipment costs more!  
3. Mrs Wookey has to go to at least 3 companies to get a quote and then reports to Governors with her findings.  
4. Mrs Wookey reported on one company today.  
-"I have been on one before and they are great!"
-Children enjoyed estimating the cost!  Well done Aaron who got the closest prediction!  
-Will need to be cleaned and maintained with a surface underneath to be used all year round.
- 7/11 voted for more challenging climbing area.  
- Alternative option available - climbing rather than slide.  8/11 voted to remain with slide area.    
  • Discussed school council led worship for tomorrow  


Mrs Wookey is now presenting to the Governors as the spending is over £5,000.  School council KS2 team to write a persuasive letter that will be sent to the Governors.  

Children each given a part of Worship to deliver.


End of meeting reflection: Today we have nurtured hearts by looking after the heath of all our children by encouraging them to be active learners.  Our minds have been inspired by learning all about the finances of equipment and applying to Governors for our new active area.