Story Adventurers Club - Five Sentence Stories


14th March 2022

Today we used comic strips to draw/write some very silly short stories.  We used the Five-Sentence Story format as a frame, and then elaborated on some of the finer details.
Once upon a time
Early one morning
Here is our group composition, written using ideas from everyone in the group.  It's VERY silly, but it still follows the Five-Sentence Story pattern... Enjoy!
Jacko the Cheese Cat

Once upon a time there was a cheerful calico cat called Jacko.   He drove a steam train and he absolutely LOVED to eat cheese.   Not just any cheese.  The stinkiest, smelliest, most overpoweringly strong cheeses you could possibly imagine.   He... just... loved them!     

Jacko lived in the coastal region on Southern Australia, in a house made from a tatty, old cat food box, next door to a house made from the finest gouda.  He desperately yearned to live in a fine gouda house, like his neighbours, but sadly his job as a steam train driver just did not earn him enough money.
Early one morning, a very strange thing happened.   An unusual thing.  A mysterious thing.  A thing, which even to this day, no one has ever been able to explain.   It started to rain cat food.... and warm milk?!!
Unfortunately, the warm milk sloshing all over the (mostly food-based) houses of the city, caused all of the cheesy structures to begin to melt!   Waves of medium-strength dairy produce washed through the streets, coating everything in a layer of sticky, yellow goo.   It was a disaster.   It was.... a FONDUE FLOOD!
Luckily, Jacko the cat had an uncharacteristic moment of inspiration.   Cheese was, after all, his thing. Bravely, he climbed on top of the cab of his steam train and yelled out to his fellow cats.  He told them that they should immediately start drinking the milk and eating the cat food.  "Come on, my feline friends!" he hollered.  "We can do it!"     Never ones to turn down a free meal, the cats set to work.  Using buckets and troughs, they caught the last droplets of milk as they fell from the sky.    They slurped greedily, using cups, straws and even their paws, until there was not a drop left.  Then they guzzled their way through the mysterious mountain of cat biscuits that had tumbled down from above. 
Jacko could see the tide was beginning to turn, but there was still the flood of melted cheese to content with.  He clambered to the back of his train, kicking open the doors of the carriages to reveal a cargo of freshly baked bread.  Heroically, he hurled loaf after loaf towards a nearby pack of corgis shouting, "Fondue time!  Mop up that cheese!"  The hungry hounds gladly obliged, gobbling up the bread and cheese in mere moments.
Finally, the city streets were clear once more and everyone rejoiced.  Jacko was hailed the saviour of the city and the crowd whooped and cheered.  The exceedingly grateful mayor, (an elegant, slender greyhound), proclaimed that Jacko should be awarded ownership of a great cheese mansion, which stood atop a hill just outside of the city.   Elated, Jacko invited everyone to board his train and set off along the tracks to his fine, new home; Chateau du Fromage.     And from that day forward, Jacko was know as the Almighty Cheese Cat, hero of Southern Australia.   
The End