Visiting senior staff from The Gryphon School
'Thank you so much for making us so welcome today.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and learned so much. We were both so impressed by the hard work and commitment of your staff and the difference that they make.

The patience, planning, personalisation and perseverance simply shone through.  You have so much to be proud of.  No matter what OFSTED say, what we saw today was outstanding.  Thank you for all you did to make our visit so informative'
Following the 'Youth Makes Music' Concert, Sherborne
I write as president of the Rotary Club of Sherborne to thank the staff and pupils who worked so hard
to give us a delightful programme, which was much enjoyed.
You will be glad to hear that a sum in the region of £500 was raised for Julia’s House.
We very much look forward to seeing you next year .
Best regards 
 Dear All Saints 
A huge thank-you for all you and the staff did yesterday at school in Messy Church, not only in the event itself, but also for the preparation. The Messy experience was extremely well received by the young folk. As you may know I was doing the prayer flames in the library and kept receiving reports in there how wonderful each base was and the fun that they had at each one. They all loved the story of Pentecost and the chance to sing. I know from taking Collective Worship in school that they all love to sing. Apparently the chocolate fingers and the 'flaming iced buns' also went down very well at the snack time. I spotted one young lady standing in the middle of the hall eating one of the decorated iced dove biscuits in absolute ecstasy, proclaiming that it was "absolutely gorgeous". One of those wonderful moments that happens only occasionally! Once again, very many thanks for everything yesterday and the way that we all seemed to work as a team. Here's to the next time!
Dear All Saints 
I just thought I must write and thank you and the school for the most gorgeous book of letters which has arrived in my post box today –
it is just fantastic and I will treasure it always! I am so glad the children
enjoyed my visit, and it was especially lovely to read that some are now
inspired to write themselves!
I will write a postcard in return but just
thought I must email now as it really did make my day.
Thank you again,
Best wishes

Olivia  (Tuffin - author)
From a parent whose child was leaving All Saints to join The Gryphon School
Dear All Saints
I feel so privileged that my children have been fortunate to be pupils with you. What I have really loved about All Saints is that being a small school enables the children to have the opportunity to be a part of everything. To have had so many great opportunities in a fabulous school has made our children into the lovely children that they have become today. Thank you for making us such proud parents on so many occasions. All Saints has an amazing team of teachers. So many great, fresh changes have been made to All Saints which have made it into the outstanding school it has become. Keep up the hard work and thank you all so very much.
From a parent following a presentation to parents by children:
To everyone in Sapphires Class, thank you so much for your really interesting assembly yesterday. I really had no clue about Fairtrade and I'm so glad that I now understand the value of only buying Fairtrade goods where possible. We have all agreed in our family to make a special effort to look out for Fairtrade when shopping.