Governor's Strategic Vision


For All Saints to be the school of choice for all families within our catchment and beyond

To achieve this, the governing body are to support and challenge the headteacher to enhance:

  • The personal, nurturing and inclusive nature of the school
  •  The quality of teaching and learning and thus the progress of all pupils
  •  Resources to support and enrich learning
  •  The forest school and outdoor learning areas
  •  The marketing of the school including links with families of pre-school aged pupils
  •  Links with the wider local community including catchment churches
  •  The commitment, effectiveness and well-being of the staff
  •  The readiness of children for life after primary school
  •  The pupils’ engagement with school values and Christian ethos

By doing the above, the aim is to maintain the long-term financial security of the school by, at least, reaching the PAN (17 pupils) in Reception each year and for these pupils to remain in All Saints throughout their primary education. Admissions above the PAN will be at the discretion of the headteacher and governing body who are to be confident that increased numbers will not be detrimental to the quality of education for the pupils and the well-being of the teaching staff.