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Being on time matters too: 
Below you can see the cumulative effect (over a year) of your child being 5 minutes late, 10 mins late ...
  • All Saints' opening times are 8.45am until 3.30pm. (Registration closes at 9am).
  • The minimum time your child is required to be in school each week is 32.5 hours.
  • We also offer 'wrap around care' from 7.45am to 4.30pm (charged at £3 per hour). 
The staff and governors of All Saints Primary School regard good attendance and punctuality as a high priority. We are committed to a whole school approach to attendance and punctuality. All Saints Primary School regards Education as paramount whilst being sympathetic and supportive to individual family circumstances. Our aim is to ensure our school works in partnership with parents, our local community and the Local Authority to support and promote good attendance and punctuality.
In order to achieve these aims the school will: 
  • Offer a safe and supportive environment, which welcomes children regardless of race, gender or ability
  • Establish clear and effective procedures for administration
  • Foster a climate where the school community, teachers, parents/carers, governors and pupils value attendance and punctuality
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Ensure any child presenting poor levels of attendance and punctuality are noted, monitored and appropriate action taken
  • Have systems in place offering rewards and incentives for regular attendance and punctuality
  • Keep parents/carers informed about their child’s attendance through established procedures
  • Support governors in taking an active role in promoting good attendance and punctuality
  • Work in partnerships with parents/carers, the Education Welfare Service, Social Care and other outside agencies
The school expects its pupils to:
  •  To attend regularly and on time
  • To be prepared adequately for the school day
  • To comply with the school policies and procedures.
The school expects its parents/carers:
  • To encourage their children to attend school every day, on time
  • To contact the school on the first day of absence by 9.00am
  • To arrange holidays and medical appointments outside school hours
  • To regularly update emergency contact details