14th December 2021

Welcome to our nativity!  
Many months ago, on editing the script, I hadn't imagined we would have the challenges of a last minute cancellation due to COVID restrictions or that winter colds and chickenpox would sweep both classes!  Have no fear though as we have been extremely lucky, with amazing effort from our staff, to ensure that we could video the performance for all our community!  The final performance was SO large that it is saved in 3 scenes for you to watch at your leisure (below).  We enjoyed watching it with some popcorn today in class!
A HUGE well done to our amazing Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who have worked SOOOO hard on learning their lines as well as developing their drama, speaking and listening skills.  WE ARE SOOOO proud of them!  
I can't let this opportunity pass without a few special thank yous:
- Miss Scott for your editing skills and energy!
- Miss Amor (2!) for your fantastic art skills - the end jigsaw looked amazing!
- All staff - for your patience, flexibility and creativity (putting up the stage, props, costume design ... the list goes on!)
- Matilda's parents for the use of their farm (and Magic the AMAZING Shetland Pony featuring as Mary's Donkey!!)
- Parents / Carers for your time in rehearsing lines with your child and handing in of costumes.  
Thank you again, and please do enjoy our Nativity of 2021... The Magical Jigsaw.
Mrs Regan