Action Plan

Learning & Support

E-Safety Committee Action Plan 2022-23 
Autumn Term - how can we support the wider community with E-Safety.
Spring Term - Updating the 360 Degree Safe review tool.
                       E-Safety Week and School Assembly 
Summer Term - Create and share an E-Safety cartoon or video.  
Ongoing - review class E-safety lessons (half termly) and conduct peer interviews.

E-Safety Champions Action Plan 2020-21

Autumn Term: Design E-Safety Posters/Messages to share at the bottom of the weekly newsletter.
                         Write letters to local businesses and community services, asking if they would share our E-
                         Safety posters on their social media, websites and at their venues etc...
                         360 Degree Safe Review Tool - initial assessment

Spring Term:   E-Safety Assembly and video for our website (Safer Internet Week).
                         School E-Safety Song Animation Video... publish.
                         360 Degree Safe Review Tool - progress review

Summer Term: Use progress tracker from the 360 Degree Safe Review Tool to decide next steps
                         Explore ways to further engage families with our E-Safety message.


  •        To ensure all classes have an E-Safety lesson at least once each half term
(Carried forward from the end of Spring Term 2020)
Ways we might engage with the wider community...
*making e safety posters and hanging them around the village.
*speaking to pubs, village halls, swimming pool at Folke, garages, churches etc and asking if we can put posters up in those areas too.
*working on a project with Sherborne Library (on hold for now)

E-Safety Champions Action Plan 2019-20

Autumn Term

  •        To review our school E-Safety charter and update it in line with the home-school agreement in our reading diaries.

Spring Term

  •        To promote E-Safety principles by writing a catchy song and teaching it to the school.

Summer Term

  •        To establish links with the wider community and look at ways we can support others in being E-Safe (parents communications, community café, toddler group, local Nurseries etc…)


  •        To ensure all classes have an E-Safety lesson at least once each half term.