Clubs for Spring Term 2021


14th December 2020

School Clubs Spring Term 2021

All Saints Primary School is proud to be able to continue to help busy parents manage their work commitments around the school’s timetables by providing early morning and after school support with a Breakfast Club and Afterschool Care.  During this term, the breakfast programme will continue to be run by the All Saints team who are fully committed to delivering high quality care. Each morning, Breakfast Club opens at 7.45am and children will enjoy a selection of healthy breakfast options including; Cereal, Toast, Fresh Fruit and Juice. Our afterschool clubs will be supported by a mixture of professional partners and All Saints teachers. The clubs run until 4.30pm.  In each session we will be implementing additional pracitable measures to ensure the well being and safety of the children during the continue Covid-19  pandemic.

The afterschool clubs for the next 6 weeks of the Spring term is as follows:

Monday: 3.30-4.30: Construction Club with Mr Roberts

Construction Club is a new club for this academic year. The children will be set design challenges each week to nurture & test their engineering and design skills. They will get the opportunity to use different types of construction materials  to build with i.e.magetic tiles, mobilo, Lego and junk modelling. Great fun whilst testing and teasing the brain!

Tuesday: 3.30-4.30: : Fitness Club with Premier Sport

This club gives children the opportunity to take part on an upbeat, weekly Keep Fit Class. They will enjoy a range of fitness programmes from Circuits, Aerobics and Yoga. They will develop core strength and stamina whilst having fun.

Wednesday:  3.30-4.30: Football Club with Mrs Gawler

Mrs Galwer has devised an exciting new structure to these sessions. Each week there will be a focus on different aspect of the games including; Passing Drills, Defending, Ball Control, Attacking, Shooting etc however, there will also be a huge focus on Teamwork and Resilience.

Thursday: 3.30-4.30:  Performing Arts with Miss Parker

We are delighted to have continued to secured the appointment of Amy Parker, a qualified Performing Arts Teacher, to offer outstanding provision of dance and drama. Amy, who currently works for Razzamataz, is passionate about creating enjoyable and creative workshops aimed at all children. These workshops will be aimed at developing each child’s confidence and communication skills on and off stage, encouraging teamwork and creating original material whilst importantly having a lot of fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Friday: 3.30-4.30: Dodgeball Club with Premier Sports

Dodgeball is an excellent sport for Primary Schools... It is fun, fast and leads to ultimate fitness. The game requires throwing skills, speed, agility, accuracy and of course dodging skills!

The cost of these clubs are £3.00 per person, per session, which I am sure you will agree is exceptional value.  All clubs can be booked and paid for on line at Sims Pay  Registration for this system is simple and for those parents who are not currently registered, please request a registration link from Lou in the school office.

Previously we have accepted cash and cheque for club booking however, current guidance strongly advises us not to accept cash. Should you be unable to book online we will continue to accept cheques (made payable to All Saints Primary School) accompanied by a completed booking form (please see attached).

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any support whatsoever regarding this Extended Care programme.