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Teaching & Learning

In the academic year 2019/20, we redesigned our outlook and practice towards our curriculum delivery. This has had a massively positive impact on the progress and attainment of pupils throughout the school.

Our lesson structure, interventions (additional support and challenges for pupils), assessment and tracking of pupils, focus on fluency in all subjects and our work with the wider curriculum has been praised by Dorset Council, Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education and independent specialists.

Please refer to the link below to see our in school pupil performance data for 2019/20.

Leading In Technology

We are always looking for different ways of using technology to enhance the learning journey and experience of our pupils.

All of our KS2 pupils have their own Chromebook which are used in lessons to support and enrich teaching opportunities. Pupils took these home during recent ‘lockdowns’ which meant that they were all able to access our daily live lessons