Y1 Science and Computing

Learning & Support

This term in science we are exploring Seasonal Change.  This unit is spread throughout the whole year and we take the children out and about to explore the school grounds each half term so we can discuss what we see at different times of year and why.
For the rest of this half term, we are looking at Our Senses and The Human Body.
In Computing, we are beginning with a Programming Unit, learning about simple algorithms.  Towards the end of this half term we will experiment using the Beebots.  
Monday 11th September
Y1 What is an Algorithm?
We had lots of unplugged fun learning about algorithms today.   In the simplest terms, an algorithm is a set of instructions.  We discussed what what happen if the instructions were in the wrong order, or you didn't include specific details.     We played a game where one child was blindfolded, whist some others chose items of clothing for our willing models.   The class had to remember/record which items were used and the order they needed to go on and then give our blindfolded volunteer a clear algorithm so they could repeat the process.