Breakfast & Afterschool Clubs


1st September 2016

Extended Care Update 2016

All Saints Primary School is proud to be able to continue to help busy parents manage their work commitments around the regard to school’s timetables by providing early morning and after school support with a Breakfast Club and Afterschool Care.

From September 2016 this programme will be run by the All Saints team who are fully committed to delivering high quality extended care. The team will deliver active and engaging care that develops the whole child, ensuring that they are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

The breakfast club will continue to provide a fun, engaging activities alongside a healthy breakfast to get the children ready for a great day at school. This will run from 7.45am to 8.45am each morning at a cost of £3 per child per day. Children can be booked into the club as required, giving at least 48 hours notice in advance

Afterschool Care runs from 3.30 to 5.30pm with the option of booking for the whole or part of each session. The first session (Afterschool Club) from 3.30 – 4.30pm is activity based and costs £3.00.

Current Clubs are:

Monday: Dance Crew

Tuesday: Football

Wednesday: Fitness

Thursday: Tennis

Friday: Ball Skills

The second session (Afterschool Plus) is from 4.30 – 5.30pm and includes quieter games, reading and home learning support if required. This session also includes a drink and a small snack and also costs £3.50.

It is possible to book single sessions or every day each week by simply filling out the All Saints Afterschool Care booking form, which are attached and available from our school website  or from school reception. Payment must be made in advance and can now be made by online using SIMS Agora giving at least 48 notice in advance.

We hope you think this is a positive development for the school and will be useful for our families,