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Year 1 Maths
By Wednesday each week your child will be bringing home their home learning booklet. This will have a Maths activity based on what we are doing in class.   Sometimes their home learning will be a practical  activity that is posted on Tapestry, so please make sure you check on Tapestry weekly.   
When home learning booklets are used, they will be due in on MONDAY so the new sheets can be added and we can share what you have been doing at home.
Reception Sound Passports
Each week your child will bring home their Sound Passports with sounds and key words they have been learning.   Please revise these with your children and make sure they are returned to school every MONDAY ready for the next week's sounds to be added.  
As well as learning to recognise and read the letters and digraphs/trigraphs, it is also an important focus on letter formation.
There will be times when it is necessary to pause and revisit some sounds, so please don't worry if there are some weeks when new sounds have not been added.