Netball Success


18th January 2017

On Wednesday 18th January we played Buckland Newton. Our team was me (Aurora) captain, Isobel, Annie, Anton, Giorgia and finally Cali. It was an epic match on the first round. Giorgia shot an amazing first goal in the first two minutes! Then came another shot from Cali - it was amazing. Out of nowhere Anton amazingly shot yet another goal.  We all thought we couldn`t do it, but then we had faith. Not in just one person but everyone in the team including our splendid crowd. Buckland Newton then scored a goal but we still had faith. Annie scored an outstanding goal, you wouldn`t believe it! Everyone was so proud of our epic team! The players of the match were Annie and Cali for being positive players throughout the match, you should be very proud of yourselves. We won 4-1.
Written by Aurora