New National Lock Down


5th January 2021

Dear All,

I am sure that the vast majority of you have now heard about the PM's announcement in the past hour. As a result of this, I felt that I should send out a quick email clarifying where we are.

School is only open tomorrow for the children of key workers or for vulnerable pupils. For children of key workers, they should only be in school when neither parent is able to look after them due to work commitments. It appears that this will continue until the February half term. 

For those who are unsure of their position as far as key worker or vulnerable pupil eligibility is concerned, please speak to Lou tomorrow morning. Lou and I will also be phoning the parents of all pupils who we believe is eligible to confirm your intentions. 

We will honour Breakfast and After School Club bookings tomorrow, however, after that I may have to make the decision to stop that provision. I will let you know this tomorrow.

I will produce a set of instructions for the parents of pupils coming into school. For tomorrow, pupils can wear their own clothes (these must be clean) and we ask that they bring in a coat and boots (if they do not have them in school already).

I believe that buses will be working tomorrow, however, please do remain flexible.

I am presuming hot school meals are still being supplied; I will let you know if this changes.

Remote Learning & Live Lessons

To start off with, we will be setting work in English and Maths only. Live lessons for Years 1 - 6 will take place each morning and for the majority of the morning. Pupils will be given a code of conduct for behaviour when accessing live lessons from home. 

For those unable to attend school, KS2 will start live lessons tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at approximately 9am. If you are able to pop in to pick up your child's Chromebook that would be really appreciated, then these can stay at home until school reopens fully. School reception will be open from 7am tomorrow morning.

For those unable to attend school, Years 1 & 2 will start live lessons on Wednesday morning. However, you will need to use your home devices to access these lessons. 

Parents of Reception pupils will receive an email tomorrow with details of learning which can be carried out at home.

Please do bear with me over the next 24 hours or so whilst we sort out provision for all and iron out the inevitable snags. I can assure you we will be doing all we can to cause the minimum of impact to the education of your child.

I am expecting a tidal wave of enquiries tomorrow so please do be patient if we do not respond to emails or phone calls immediately.

Stay safe,