6th December 2013

On Friday 6th December 2013, All Saints was run by three new Headteachers for the day - Mr Harris, Mr Staunton and Mr Bond.

Each of them taught a lesson, which they had planned and prepared for, heard readers, went on play time and lunch time duty, answered the phone, ran our weekly achievement assembly, monitored stock and selected new items from our school catalogue, entered and analysed our attendance registers for this week and monitored class room learning by completing a learning walk.  All the Headteachers said they had learnt a lot from planning a lesson to managing a class of children!

Mr Harris and Mr Bond found teaching the most challenging part of the day.  Mr Bond said "getting Diamonds to tidy up was very difficult!"  Mr Staunton found taking the assembly his biggest challenge.  However, they all enjoyed their lunch in the staffroom with a refreshing cup of tea made by Mrs Crumpler!

All the children at the end of the day said that they had enjoyed having their new Headteachers.  One child from Rubies said they enjoyed the challenge of their lesson (planned by Mr Staunton)!  Well done to the three of them... but we must say... we can't wait for Mrs Crumpler to be back on Monday!