Christingle Service


5th December 2019

What a special Christingle Service in Bishops Caundle church.  The school would like to thank Vicar Richard and Liz for their wonderful service.  Most importantly, the message we learnt about what a Christingle represents will stay with the children through advent.  Certainly today, we have been very impressed with children in class reflecting on their learning and the importance of Christingle. 
Some of our children's responses:
'I felt excited in Church.  I like singing to God and I know he always listens to me."
" The light will guide me."
Thank you to our wonderful community who donated as a result of our Christingle Service today in church.  Your money will help children who really need your help, whether those who are young carers, those in care or those experiencing mental health and emotional well being issues.  
Together, we really are making a difference this Christmas.  
Thank you.