Science Afternoon


15th October 2019

Year 2 Science Afternoon
Sherborne Schools Science Cluster Group
Year 2 students from nine local primary schools met at The Gryphon this week to take part in a fantastic afternoon of science learning.   They explored different materials and their properties before being set the challenge of building a house to protect the farm animals from the huff and puff of The Big Bad Wolf.
Each group could only use one type of material and had to think of different ways to make their material stronger.   Some groups added struts and supports, and some shaped their material into cylinders and triangles to help improve their structures.   Some children even thought about making the base of their houses heavier so that it would not blow away.   
Once the houses were finished, they were tested to see if they could withstand huff and puff from a human, a hair drier and a leaf blower!   The houses were all brilliantly built and the children took part in lots of scientific talk and reasoning.   What a wonderful afternoon!