The Great Fire of London (or should we say All Saints!)


22nd November 2019

Topaz reflected on their learning from today.  
"It was so surprising how quickly the fire spread.  I can imagine what the Great Fire of London would have been like now."
"It looked like the real Great Fire of London because all of the houses were burning.  IT WAS AWESOME!"
"I was impressed with Morys' house because the frame was still standing!"
"It was exciting that we got to see our own houses burn.  I don't think they would have found it exciting in 1666 though!  It made it good because I now know what it was like."
"When we went outside to look at the fire it was amazing how it went from 1 house to 3 houses and then whoosh!  It spread quickly just like The Great Fire of London.  The flames were SO high it was the best thing to see EVER!"
Today Diamond and Topaz class set fire to their houses they had made at home! This was to recreate the Great Fire of London. 
Diamond class say they felt happy and excited watching their houses burn. We saw the wind blowing the flames and making the fire spread. The wooden houses burnt for a long time, just like in 1666.