Duathlon Challenge

12th July 2019
 What a fantastic morning!  All children took part in our first fundraising event for The British Heart Foundation, which was a Duathlon.  It was fabulous to see children supporting one another, persevering and challenging themselves, even when they started to get tired.  It was lovely to see each child cross the finish line with a proud, tired smile!  What a treat it was to have an ice lolly at the end!  
A HUGE thank you to Mrs Barnes for her organisation... watch this space for next year!
A few quotes from the morning:
"I demonstrated Emerald power because although I was tired I persevered and swam without a float!"
"I loved demonstrating Ruby power when we were supporting Diamond class to get changed.  It was funny trying to get trainers on wet feet!"
"I was Ruby power this morning because I was supporting Diamond class through the finish line and giving them a high five."