Netball Success!

18th April 2018
Tournament Report Wednesday 18th April 2018

Dorset Games


What a fantastic day of Netball for our All Saints netball team - Yahya, William, Annie, Isobel, Giorgia, Cali and Leanne!


Early in the morning the sun was shining and so were the smiles on the children’s and spectators’ faces as they arrived at Sir David’s Centre, Bournemouth (and what a long drive it was!) to take on the best netball teams in Dorset. After a warm up and skills practice, as well as a quick team talk, the children walked onto the court for their first game.


At half time, the game was 1-1 but after a mid-game team talk, the team were eager to show the opposition what All Saints are made of and the final score was 4-1 to All Saints. Our second game was a close game, and after an initial 3-0 win in the first half the opposition brought the final score back to 5-4, All Saints just winning! Phew! We started strong for our third game and by half time we were confident with a score of 2- 0, however in the second half the opposition came out fighting, and although we tried our hardest, the score was a victory to the opposition (4-3).


We knew we had to win our final game and so we reflected on our defence and attacking skills. We reminded ourselves of where we needed to be and of all the skills we had learnt during weekly practices back at school. All Saints were strong throughout the game, sailing into the semi-finals with a 4-1 victory. The semi-finals were tough but All Saints did not go down without a fight! The final score was 5-3 to the opposition but at no time did the All Saints team give up. They remained positive, demonstrating all the sporting values to a high standard.


Representing All Saints for the last time on court, the team had those bronze medals in sight and were determined to achieve 3rd place. Their footwork, attacking, defence, determination and positioning had never been so strong. The spectators were left in awe as the team worked together to become victorious (4-0 win). Never had Mrs Regan been so proud of their achievements, coming 3rd in the whole of Dorset. 


We would like to say a huge well done to the children who have practised in rain and sun on a weekly basis. We had an amazing 17 children trial for the tournament team, and unfortunately we could only take 7. However those other children deserve a mention, as some have given up their lunch times to support the team in training, have given positive encouragement and all eagerly awaited news of the tournament! We would also like to thank Isobel’s dad, William’s parents as well as Cali’s mum who all supported by transporting the children and giving positive encouragement throughout the day! It was also lovely to have Cali’s grandparents supporting on the sidelines too! 

Children received the following special awards in Achievement Assembly on Friday 20th April:

Attacker Award - William

It has been incredible to watch William progress this year. We are delighted that William found the confidence to play school matches and now tournaments! His ability to talk about the game and listen to coaching advice is brilliant! His smile brightens up the whole netball court and never has he failed to be a valued team player. He has been awarded the attacker of the tournament due to his ability to find space and use the width of the court, as well as recognise when a team player needs his help! Great job William! 

Most Improved - Leanne and Cali 

Leanne has grown throughout this year as a netballer and we look forward to seeing everything she achieves next year. As our only Year 5 in the tournament, she listened carefully to coaching tips and never gave up. On and off the court, she is polite and determined to be the best that she can be. 

Cali has always endeavoured to be the best that she can be and never wants to let the team down (and she certainly didn’t during the tournament). She is continually reflecting on her game play and always asks for advice when unsure. In the last game, Cali was an incredible defender, and without some of her interceptions, as well as improved attacking skills, we wouldn’t have scored as we did. 

 Outstanding Sportsman - Yahya

Netball is a new sport for Yahya and he has worked incredibly hard to learn the rules of netball as well as develop his sporting skills. Throughout the tournament, Yahya demonstrated determination, respect and all round sporting excellence. His fitness levels were second to none and as a result, whether attacking or defending, he didn’t stop from one whistle to the next, even though his ankle was causing him some difficulties! 

Determination Award - Isobel 

Isobel has always been a determined player throughout the 4 years of playing in the team for All Saints School. Today’s tournament was no exception and she fully demonstrated this sporting value in her play. Her defence skills were commendable and she never gave up or stopped giving 100% until the final whistle! She has grown into an excellent netballer and one the team was lucky to have! 

 Respect Award - Annie

Throughout the tournament in all games, Annie championed being respectful. She was a model captain and respected all her team players as well as the opposition and umpires. 

Team Player Award - Giorgia 

Giorgia is a kind netballer and values her team players. As a result she supports those less confident initially to enable them to develop as netballers. Throughout the tournament she demonstrated her ability to include all the team in the game, ensuring she passed equally but also supporting others when they needed her help. She had some strong partnerships with Isobel and Yahya and her feisty spirit on court ensured All Saints always got the ball when it was around her!